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Strawberry Negronis and Roman-Style Pizza From the Stefanis

In a River North Restaurant With a Serious Thing for Cargo Containers


When in Italy, you drink Negronis and eat pizza.

Or, you do that in Chicago.

Either way, Bar Cargo, the latest restaurant from Stefani's Restaurant Group, will bring plenty of both to River North when it opens next Friday. Feel free to take a little peek inside for now.

They're taking the name quite literally, what with the random cargo containers scattered around the space. The DJ booth is fashioned out of one, while the open kitchen sits in another. The rest of the decor is a bit more refined with vintage ads for Italian spirits, brown leather booths, that type of thing.

It's in the warm confines of one of those booths where you'll be served boards covered in Roman-style pizza. The kind with focaccia-like crust and fancy-pants toppings such as Burrata Bufala and truffle cream. As you're divvying up slices, someone, let's call him Phil, might say, "This recipe comes from 1998 World Pizza Champion Massimo Moresi." Phil will be ignored, because the filet sliders will just be arriving.

They go nicely with a bottle of Italian red or perhaps a round of Negronis made with strawberry-infused Campari. And come summer, you'll be drinking those on the back patio. But for now, the bar will have to suffice.

Yes, that's made out of cargo containers, too.


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